Why Choose Us?

At Apogee we are strong in corporate planning and strategy and work very closely with Entrepreneurs. We develop growth strategies and identify financing methods to add long- term value to the business.

Key Industry Issues

We feel there is a huge gap between most of the Private Companies and financial world, and some of the reasons sighted are:

Financial intermediaries are focused on servicing large Corporates as they get the highest finder's fee, maximizes commission, or gain the biggest interest in a company. Small and medium companies with low capital requirement are generally given least preference.

Many growing small to medium companies operate in crisis mode when it comes to financing and financial planning this is because they give least importance to Financial Management.

Entrepreneurs and CFO's have biggest challenge to figure out what financing alternative is best for their team, when they have little financing experience beyond dealing with the local bank. Typically they need a solution- the best solution in a limited time.

Intermediaries are generally involved to do a specific set of activity/single transaction job and therefore leads to unmet long term financial needs of small and medium size companies.

To address these challenges we at Apogee Capital Advisors pride our self as a Trusted Partner for growth capital.

Our Business Philosophy

Honesty and Integrity – We at Apogee always aspire in creating a culture that fosters high standards of ethics which would be treated as a benchmark in the industry. We always act in a fair and ethical manner towards others and demonstrate a sense of corporate responsibility and commitment to our clients.

Trust – All we do is to help companies grow their businesses. We understand their problems/issues and suggest them alternatives options and structure an ideal solution to address the issue. Our goal is simply to serve the best interests of our clients - regardless of the size, amount, or type of financing sought.

Speed – We deliver solutions faster than anyone else! We understand and respect the need for speed. We have created a unique engagement process that is superior to all others in terms of time, cost, communication, and client expectations. Clients always have a clear understanding of where they are in the process, a basis for making good financial decisions, and an ability to start or stop the process with no on-going obligations. This gives our clients peace of mind, control, and unmatched value relative to any other advisor or consultant.

Cost Effectiveness – We act as consultants and quote very competitive fees to our customers based on two aspects:
i) .Advisory Services: Fixed Advisory fees for our unique engagement process. ii) Transaction Services: Competitive fees based on successful completion of transaction (Milestones based fees).